Q. Does it hurt?

You will feel a small amount of discomfort, however I will use a topical numbing agent (my choice is Dr.Numb) to ensure a comfortable procedure for you.

Q.  What kind of machine do you use?

I use 3 different kinds of machine depending on what procedures I am doing. Manual machine to achieve the “feathered” look when doing hair strokes on eyebrows.  Digital machine for smooth and even application when lining and rotary machine for lining and filling.

Q.   What is the difference between regular tattooing and cosmetic tattooing?

Tattooing commonly uses ink. Were with Micro-pigmentation we use iron dioxides, a much smaller and pigment regulated by the Canadian and U.S federal government. Regular body tattooing also uses a coil machine to deliver ink deep past the skins dermal layer. With Micro-pigmentation pigments are deposited just past the epidermis and into the dermal layer.

Q.  Do you use Organic pigments aka FDC (food and drug cosmetic colour)?

No, I choose not to use organic pigments because of how common allergic reactions occur.         Organic pigments are made up of tomatoes or other fruits and plants, great for bright vibrant colours however not safe for any possible allergies.

Q.   What kind of pigments do you use?

I use Iron Dioxide Micro Pigments. These pigments are made up of extremely small molecules that absorb into the skin better than most pigments and result in less fading and truer colour than organic colour. this gives you smoother lines and a better more even distribution of colour.

Q.  How long is the healing process?

Although the procedure will appear to be healed with one week, it will not be fully healed for 4 to 6 weeks. All lip procedures will take at least 8 weeks to heal. On clients with darker complexions Lips will take 2-3 months for the colour to completely stabilize.

  • Under 40 years: 4 weeks
  • 40 to 60 years: 5 weeks
  • 60+ years: 6 weeks

Q.   How do I get the most out of my procedure and make it last?

The best way to make your Micro-Pigmentation procedures last is to carefully follow the after care sheet provided. Colour will be lost and or patchy if proper aftercare is not followed. In addition ALWAYS wear PABA free sunscreen after the area has healed to prevent fading and possible reaction to the sun.

Q. Is it imperative that I come in for a touch up, if so when?

It is not 100% imperative that you come in for a touch up, however I strongly urge you to. If you are wanting a thick eyeliner or a fuller looking brow you will definitely need to come in for your second session to achieve that look. You must wait until your skin is completely healed before coming in for your touch up to ensure colour retention and to avoid re-injuring the area. Usually a minimum of 3 weeks after initial appointment.