Micropigmentation Price List and Services

Feather stroke eyebrows aka Microblading– $500

Combo brows/ mixture of Microblading and shading- $600

Top and bottom eyeliner– $450

Lip liner and ombre fill– $600

Freckles & beauty marks– $50-250 per session

Paramedical tattooing (including hair follicle tattoo)– $250-$1000

First touch-up within 6 to 12 weeks of initial service- $100

Touchup WITHIN the first 12 months of initial appointment- $200 (brows & lips) $150 (liner)*Please plan and book accordingly as no exceptions will be made.

Any touch-up AFTER 12-24 months of initial appointment- $300 (brows and lips) $175 (liner)*Please plan and book accordingly as no exceptions will be made.

Please note, all touch-up pricing is for existing clients ONLY. 

Hair follicle simulation treatment– By consultation only

Correction and camouflage on past procedures available by consultation only, please send photos via e mail when requesting a correction consultation. Please keep in mind that results cannot be guaranteed and expect that dated brow tattoos can only be corrected by ADDING volume. Only in some cases can we do camouflage, depending on ink used and the age of the original tattoo. Tattoo removal may be needed prior to appointment to achieve desired results. Extra charges will be added on a case to case basis.

DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED FOR ALL BOOKINGS. Payment in full will be taken on the day of your appointment.

Please remember that in some cases more than 2 sessions may be needed to achieve your desired outcome with brows and corrections. It is very rare that we can obtain perfection in one session.

Please see the “Booking” tab for more information on bookings and deposits

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Makeup Application and Lesson

Makeup application/ Consultation with lashes- $120+

Bridal makeup application with lashes- $170+

Makeup lessons- $250 for 2.5 hour session

Group lessons available at a discounted rate, please contact me to make arrangements.


**Traveling fees may apply**

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